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StraighterLine Overview for Colleges, Student Advisors and Enrollment Counselors

StraighterLine offers students an affordable and convenient pathway to college readiness and helps increase student persistence to graduation. We’ve made it easy for you and your school to refer underprepared or at-risk students to us to help them complete program prerequisites, prepare for the rigors of college, and stay on track for graduation after enrolling.

Whether your school is an active partner with us and already referring students to StraighterLine – or is an accredited college looking for a convenient online solution – we recommend taking a fresh look at how we work with referred students and how we send them back to schools better prepared for success.

What is StraighterLine

StraighterLine is an alternative credit provider that provides high quality, low cost online general education courses that colleges recognize for credit. StraighterLine has developed a network of more than 130 colleges and universities that guarantee acceptance of StraighterLine courses. StraighterLine’s courses have also been evaluated and recommended by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT). Hundreds of other schools have also accepted StraighterLine courses for transfer credit.

  • Over 60 low-cost online, self-paced general education courses.
  • Highly Affordable. Courses start at $59 with a $99 Monthly Membership.
  • Free Resources. eTextbooks are FREE with course purchase.
  • Immediate Access. Students can start courses as soon as they enroll.
  • Student Support. Free one-on-one tutoring and live technical support
  • Refer and Return Pathway. We make it easy for students to return to your school with free transcript processing and one-click credit transfer to partner schools. 

We work with schools to offer affordable and convenient college readiness degree pathways for students. Students can experience a StraighterLine course by signing up for our free trial, or enrolling in a full StraighterLine course, and get started immediately.


StraighterLine has developed a network of more than 130 colleges and universities that guarantee acceptance of StraighterLine courses.

How we can help you and your students

Students referred to StraighterLine are able to enroll in courses, proceed at their own pace in a low-cost, low-risk environment, and benefit from our student support, free tutoring, and coursework feedback from subject matter experts. Once your student completes a course (or courses) with us they are quickly sent back to your school to continue to make progress on their degree.

College readiness

StraighterLine can help your students prepare for the rigors of college. Our online courses prepare students for success in college by:

  • Helping students learn in an online program (study skills, time management, academic rigor)
  • Engaging applicants who don’t meet admissions requirements or are in need of fulfilling prerequisites
  • Preparing students who need college-level math or writing support

Student retention 

Many college students are non-traditional students who must navigate work, family, finance, health, and other obligations in order to succeed. These at-risk students face unexpected life interruptions that can often lead to drop out. StraighterLine can help you keep these students on track to graduate.

Our low-cost online courses can address:

  • Affordability concerns or financial aid caps. Our low-cost, low-risk, courses with no up-front costs, allows students to spend less, pay-as-they-go, and transfer relevant credit back to their school. Our $99 monthly tuition model keeps costs and risks low.
  • Scheduling issues. Our student-paced coursework allows students to start immediately and move at their own pace.

The StraighterLine advantage for you and your students

StraighterLine makes it convenient for students to fit college courses into their busy lives and find success:

  • Over 100,000 students have taken StraighterLine courses.
  • High student satisfaction. In a recent survey, more than 91% of StraighterLine students would recommend us to a friend or family member.
  • High student success. More than 96% of StraighterLine students who have requested transfer credit for their courses have been successful.

From class enrollment to tutoring, your students at StraighterLine have an advantage. We are a cheerleader of students, and offer them every opportunity to achieve. You can feel confident when you refer your students to StraighterLine. They are never alone – we are there to support them with their courses through our easily accessible and responsive student support, all the way through to course completion and credit transfer back to your school.