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Tailored College Readiness & Retention Solutions

Flexibility in how and when students complete their courses is critical to today’s ever-changing higher ed population.

The resources required to provide students not only with the flexibility they need but also the support required to be successful has greatly increased in the last two years.

StraighterLine partners with colleges and universities to provide low-cost, low-risk online pathway programs that serve diverse student populations through high-quality gen ed courses and always-accessible student support. Our Connect program, provided at no cost to your school, helps higher ed institutions meet enrollment and retention goals and students persist through degree completion.

The foundation of the StraighterLine solution is wraparound student support. We provide students with all the resources, tools, and flexibility they need to succeed. Proven results show our support services enable students to outperform their non-StraighterLine peers:

To enhance student success, StraighterLine includes auto-nudges and 24/7 on-demand live tutoring and writing help. Our partnerships with colleges and universities help improve on-time performance, persistence, retention, and graduation rates. For example:

  • Persistence: 68% of StraighterLine students complete and pass their courses versus 38% for all online students (National Center for Education Statistics, 2019).
  • Graduation: 41% more students who went through StraighterLine before entering college were successful at completing their degree compared to non-StraighterLine peers.
Check out all of our student outcomes to see how partnering with StraighterLine can help your school increase enrollment, retention, and degree completion.