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What Are the Unique Challenges Faced by First-Generation Students in Higher Ed?

Did you know first-generation college students:

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  • Account for one-third of the undergraduate population in the United States (U.S. Department of Education)
  • Are four times more likely than other students to leave college after their first year
  • Only 27% will attain their degrees in four years, and they tend to be older with 28% being aged 30 or above (Higher Education Research Institute)

When you understand the unique challenges these students face in higher ed, you can help improve these stats by providing intentional, purposeful, and innovative programs that are imperative to helping them enroll and persist to graduation.

StraighterLine helps colleges and universities better prepare first-generation students for academic success: on average, first-generation students with StraighterLine achieve a first term on-time performance rate (earning 12 credits) that is 14 percentage points higher than direct-to-university students.

Check out our free guide, Keep First-Generation College Students Enrolled Through Graduation, which details the four biggest challenges faced by first-generation college students—and how you can help them succeed.