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Building Successful College Pathways for At-Risk Students

At-Risk Student Pathway Playbook
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More than 60% of students enrolling in public two- and four-year institutions aren't ready for college level work.

Four common barriers impede at-risk students from successfully starting or completing their degrees:

  1. Academic
  2. Financial
  3. Dispositional
  4. Situational

Any successful initiative to help at-risk students must understand and address these barriers. Download our playbookHow to Build a Successful Pathway to College for At-Risk Students, to learn key ways to overcome barriers to student success.

As institutions continue to look for ways to provide more equity and access, third-party partnership programs provide a low-risk, low-cost pathway — not only for students, but for the institutions themselves. In the partnerships that StraighterLine builds with colleges and universities, there are no upfront or ongoing costs to the school. StraighterLine provides the infrastructure for assisting prospective students in the enrollment process, supporting students with 24/7 coaching and tutoring, and delivering online, ACE accredited courses.