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Increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates

StraighterLine partnership provides student-first solutions that result in enrollment, retention, progression, and graduation improvements. Not to mention happier, better students. We provide tailored, low-cost, low-risk pathway programs with high-quality courses and always-accessible student support.

Learn about StraighterLine outcomes specific to institutions, faculty, and students.

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Support for your ever-changing, diverse student body

Flexible, tailored StraighterLine pathway programs help you address and maintain diversity, equity, and inclusion in your student body. Partnering with StraighterLine helps you expand access for students with missing gen ed courses, financial constraints, work-life balance issues, academic criteria challenges, or lack of confidence after a long academic hiatus. Ask us how we can help your school!
We created our admission process for our Earned Admission students alongside StraighterLine. It wasn't something we just adopted. It really matched with our mission and goals and alignment with USU. StraighterLine is part of our team.
– Rene Eborn, assistant vice president, strategic initiatives & USU online | Utah State University

On-time performance rate is 93% for StraighterLine students

versus 82% for non-StraighterLine students

Students who complete a StraighterLine pathway have a higher on-time performance (earning 12 credits in the first term) rate of taking courses in their degree program.

StraighterLine students’ two-term retention rate is 93%

versus 79% for non-StraighterLine students

With newfound knowledge, skills, and confidence, StraighterLine students feel at home at your school, excel in their studies, and stay enrolled.

StraighterLine students

complete their degrees

41% more students who went through StraighterLine before entering college were successful at completing their degree compared to non-StraighterLine peers.

Frequently asked questions

Can StraighterLine help increase admissions and enrollment at my school?

Yes! Our flexible online pathway programs help learners looking to start or return to higher ed prepare to meet your admission requirements and enroll. Our programs also drive growth in student body diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Why choose StraighterLine when my school’s staff could create our own pathway program?

StraighterLine helps you expand, redirect, and focus your resources. Limited resources don’t have to prevent you from helping lost and/or off-course students return to school to excel and graduate. Our established programs show proven outcomes—and at no cost to your school.

How does StraighterLine help students reach graduation?

Our online pathway programs don’t just prepare students to get into or back into your school. They provide the wraparound support, tools, skills, and confidence students need to succeed in their studies.

How will partnering with StraighterLine affect my school’s reputation?

More than 150 regionally accredited partner colleges and universities currently trust us to help students achieve their academic goals. Your partnership with StraighterLine shows your total dedication to student success and commitment to increasing access, while strengthening your reputation for putting students first.
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“I am currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma and thanks to StraighterLine, I will be graduating from my program 1.5 years early.”

Lydia S., senior at University of Oklahoma