Meaningful outcomes for StraighterLine students

StraighterLine’s low-risk, affordable online pathway programs include top-quality courses reviewed and recommended for credit by the American Council on Education and help ALL students:

  • Stay in school, regardless of where they are in their educational journey
  • Overcome academic barriers, improving student success and readiness
  • Work toward a degree program without incurring debt
  • Learn with the flexibility they expect and require
  • Gain confidence and motivation
  • Improve material retention and learning speed
  • Improve their financial situation
  • Complete more courses on time and progress faster in their degree program

More than 300,000 satisfied StraighterLine students

  • 91% would recommend the program to a friend
  • 68% complete and pass their courses vs. 38% for all online adult students*
  • Two-term retention rate is 93% vs. 79% for non-StraighterLine students
  • 41% higher graduation rate than non-StraighterLine peers

A StraighterLine partnership is a beneficial choice for students and institutions alike. Learn more and become a partner today!

*National Center for Education Statistics, 2019

more students stay on track
More first gen students who took StraighterLine courses have a higher OTP* rate
*On-time performance: earning 12 credits in the first term
For students who struggle, this is the way to give them that chance to try [college] without going into debt doing it. With this program, students can get a good idea if this is something they are going to be able to handle.
– Katie Jo North, executive director for enrollment services | Utah State University