Expert services help schools address challenges and students succeed

StraighterLine’s suite of industry-leading services supports your tailored pathway programs. You’ll reach your enrollment and retention goals and help every student succeed through:

  • Streamlined program setup and management
  • Top program technology
  • Wraparound student support
  • Rigorous academic standards

As a StraighterLine partner school, you’ll enjoy expert support at every step.

Support in 6 key areas

1. Program implementation and setup

  • Brand your program to your school
  • Develop your program website
  • Partner with and train your team

2. Top online technology

  • Build, host, and maintain your full program solution
  • Use tested, reliable infrastructure
  • Enable robust data integration with your institution
  • Create enrollment, e-commerce, and billing functionality

3. Streamlined enrollment management

  • Easy referral process and data exchange
  • Dedicated enrollment counselors
  • A data-driven approach to enrollment funnel conversion
  • Digital marketing support to encourage enrollment

4. Platform for student success and satisfaction

  • Friendly student experience under your school’s brand
  • Best-in-class content partners (McGraw Hill, Acrobatiq, Rosetta Stone®, and other industry leaders)
  • Co-requisite scaffolding for entryway math and writing courses
  • Accelerated learning model in which students progress as they master the material
  • 60+ ACE Credit recommended gen ed courses

5. Rigorous academic standards

  • Partner schools retain academic oversight
  • Psychometrically developed assessments
  • Student assignments graded by an instructor with a master’s degree or higher
  • Written work filtered through leading plagiarism-detection software
  • Final exams supervised by an independent proctor

6. Best-in-class student coaching and support

  • Behavior-triggered nudges prompt students to take action and persist
  • Learning resources promote effective study methods and perseverance
  • Proactive identification of at-risk students
  • Phone, live chat, and support ticket management
  • On-demand tutoring and coaching sessions

Address enrollment challenges while enhancing success for every student. Learn more and become a partner today!

Students get the support system they need to be successful. They have access to mentors and coaches 24/7...
– Rene Eborn, assistant vice president, strategic initiatives & USU online | Utah State University

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Osama R., Thomas Edison State University graduate