StraighterLine Extend pathway program

The tailored solution

A full suite of services and solutions that helps prepare and support students throughout their college journey. Allows you to:

  • Offer courses and support under your school’s unique brand to keep your institution top of mind throughout this rewarding student experience
  • Serve non-traditional, at-risk, stopped-out, and other challenging student populations
  • Offer a pathway program tailored to your school’s needs with the support of a dedicated StraighterLine team, including custom reporting to help you track and meet goals

StraighterLine Extend also includes RightTimeCoaching to support and enhance student success. Friendly, transparent RightTime services include auto-nudges, 24/7 coaching, diagnostics and alerts, and digital guidance.

StraighterLine Extend benefits for schools

  • 60+ online, competency-based, gen ed courses
  • Rapid deployment
  • Advisor training
  • Press release and media outreach
  • Flexible pricing
  • Program tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated support team
  • Custom reports
  • Branded website, URL, and courses
  • Branded messaging and communications

StraighterLine Extend benefits for students

  • Affordable subscription fee
  • Free e-textbooks
  • Test proctoring
  • Guaranteed college credit transfer
  • Free transcript processing
  • Free online tutoring and writing help
  • Live student support
  • Student support team
  • Labs
  • Free, unlimited online tutoring
  • RightTimeCoaching, which provides:
    • Auto-nudges
    • 24/7 access
    • Diagnostics and alerts
    • Digital guidance
    • A transparent experience