Burck Smith on Innovation and the Future of Higher Ed

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StraighterLine’s CEO and Founder Burck Smith is proud to be a Partner for Transformation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). HLC’s Partners for Transformation is a blue-ribbon think tank tasked with offering innovative ideas on accreditation of colleges and universities.

Case Study: Increasing College Readiness

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For many colleges and universities, helping applicants meet admissions requirements – and increasing persistence rates – is a never-ending pursuit. By working with StraighterLine, you can deliver our online pathway program to your students that reduces “summer melt” and prepares them for college-level work.

Here’s how one online school partnered with StraighterLine to deliver a pre-enrollment solution that helped increase college readiness and prepared students for success in their degree programs.

Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Amy Smith, is an Academic Innovator

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If you ask Dr. Amy Smith, StraighterLine’s new Chief Learning Officer, what gets her out of bed in the morning, the answer is simple: access to higher education for all adult learners.

“I genuinely believe that you should have the opportunity to decide your future,” says Smith, who recently came to StraighterLine from a 25-year-career in academia. “Nobody should say you can't go to college because you took a class when you were 18 at the local community college and got an F.”

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