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[Recorded Webinar] Students’ Lived Experiences in Transferring Credits

As universities and colleges work with students to achieve their educational goals, policies need to be evaluated to better  implement transfer friendliness. UPCEA and StraighterLine partnered on developing a research survey to identify students’ lived experiences and perceptions regarding transferring institutions. The results of the study focus on students:

  • transfer behavior,
  • motivations for transferring,
  • important factors in making the decision to transfer,
  • challenges in transferring, and
  • the level of communication received from institutions during the transfer process. 

Jim Fong, Founding Director of UPCEA's Center for Research and Strategy, and Dr. Amy Smith, Chief Learning Officer from StraighterLine, shared key findings and their insights into the research, including the implications of the findings on higher education institutions.

Hosted by StraighterLine and UPCEA