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[Recorded Webinar] Students’ Lived Experiences in Transferring Credits

Empirical research, conducted by UPCEA and StraighterLine, identifies students’ lived experiences and perceptions regarding transferring institutions. As schools work with students to achieve their educational goals, policies should be evaluated to implement transfer friendliness. The study focuses on students’ transfer behavior, motivations, decision-making factors, and challenges.

Among the findings was that many of the barriers students’ experienced during the transfer process are actually within the school’s control. What are those barriers and how can institutions address them to improve the transfer process and experience for students?

Two authors of the study, Dr. Amy Smith | Chief Learning Officer at StraighterLine and Dr. Rhonda Capron | Research Director at StraighterLine, shared the study’s key findings, their insights into the findings, and the implications on students and institution leaders.

Hosted by CAEL